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Published 14 May 2015

A to Z of Industrial Applications – A is for…

In this series of blogs I, and some of my colleagues, would like to share some of our experience in particle sizing for industrial applications. I thought we’d do this by going through an A to Z of industrial applications…READ MORE >

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Published 11 Mar 2014

How to be an imaging master: Q&A

During February we held the first session in our popular Imaging Masterclass series, “Understanding the application of automated analytical imaging for particle size and particle shape analysis.”  The class introduced the basic concepts of image analysis, discussing the parameters that…READ MORE >

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Published 23 Jun 2011

Cost efficiency in PV solar cell production

Receiving my household fuel bills, as I do with monotonous regularity, tends to focus my mind both on energy conservation and the cost of energy generation. Of course, this line of thinking quickly extends into the realms of professional interest…READ MORE >

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Published 11 Apr 2011

Better batteries for a greener future

According to an industry expert quoted on NewEnergyWorldNetwork  the cost of lithium-ion batteries will drop by nearly a third within the next four years and may be halved by 2020. Vital to green technologies such as clean energy storage and…READ MORE >

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