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Published 11 Oct 2018

Teaching a person to fish – in the process chemistry lab

Of all the chemical processes in the fine chemical and pharmaceutical industries, cross-coupling reactions are among the most important.  This often involves platinum group metal (PGM) catalysts, which then must be separated from the product to avoid contamination of the…READ MORE >

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Published 9 Dec 2014

Ask a specialist: Sub-visible particulates and DLS

Recently this question was posed where a current dynamic light scattering (DLS) user inquired about detecting large but subvisible particles in a formulation: “I have been looking at solutions from prefilled syringes which appear in flow microscopy to have significant…READ MORE >

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Published 13 Nov 2012

What makes particle sizing smarter?

As a diffraction specialist at Malvern, the topic of my latest webinar was smarter particle sizing, and how to make laser diffraction an open access technique in your lab. In this webinar I covered some of the things we have…READ MORE >

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Published 16 Dec 2011

Determining globule size distributions in injectable liquid emulsions per USP

Recently a customer pointed to USP <729> GLOBULE SIZE DISTRIBUTION IN LIPID INJECTABLE EMULSIONS. Can Light Scattering help elucidate particle size in parenterals? How does USP729 define the size of lipid emulsions? What is USP <729> ? The United States Pharmacopeia…READ MORE >

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Published 3 Dec 2010

Bound for Maryland for the USP workshop on particle size…

While the Particle Summit seems like only yesterday it’s already time to head  for the US Pharmacopoeia workshop on particle size – or the ‘Workshop on Particle Size: Particle Detection and Measurement’ to give it its full title. So I’m…READ MORE >

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