Future Days: the future of advanced materials research

Future Days: the future of advanced materials research

Who’s your scientific hero?  

History is full of heroes whose curiosity and learning made their mark on how we understand the world around us, from Archimedes to Ada Lovelace. Sir Isaac Newton famously said, “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants,” and many scientists still feel a strong connection to those who blazed an earlier trail. 

Many of us also aim to pass this forward by supporting the scientists of tomorrow with our own work today. And that’s where our Future Days event comes in! 

Future Days focuses on academia 

Future Days is a special event that will bring together experts, guest speakers, and all of you – our partners in the scientific research community – on March 23 for a shared glimpse into the future of advanced materials research. Through discussion and exchange around some of today’s most exciting and insightful current work, we aim to build up a picture of how the field might look in the near- to mid-term future.  

Today’s dynamic landscape

Globally, societies are grappling with many challenges at once – from the urgent need for more sustainable ways of living and the effects of the changing climate to the question of policy around artificial intelligence. The energy transition is already underway, part of the wider sustainability shift gathering momentum across society, and innovation in energy storage and conversion has never been more important.

Advanced materials research is at the forefront to address all those challenges. One of the most representative examples of such incredible materials are metal-organic frameworks. Less than 25 years after their discovery, these exciting materials are leading already to potential applications from medicine to water harvesting to just name a few. But while representing amazing achievements, this fast pace of innovation and number of possibilities can also make it hard to see the path ahead clearly. 

Advanced materials advancing society 

And that’s exactly why we believe Future Days is so important. Advanced materials research has the potential to make incredible contributions to society, especially at this critical time.  

By working together and sharing our insights, we can inspire the work today that will lay the foundations of a better tomorrow. 

Help to shape the future by joining us on March 23 – register here now! 

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