10 Nov 2020 | By John Duffy

Could additive manufacturing be the future for sustainability?

Using this breakthrough technique to build a better future Did you know that the waste generated from manufacturing a typical smartphone can be 200 times the phone’s weight? Smartphones contain highly complex combinations of valuable raw materials. Extracting and processing...READ MORE >

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6 Nov 2020 | By Mauricio Gonzalez

Los Fundentes y Consumibles Claisse están ahora disponibles en el eStore de Malvern Panalytical

Nos complace informarles que los Fundentes y Consumibles Claisse ahora están disponibles en el eStore de Malvern Panalytical en Estados Unidos.  Siempre estamos buscando formas de hacer que el pedido de nuestros fundentes y productos químicos sea más simple y...READ MORE >

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5 Nov 2020 | By Kyle Williams

Characterizing PLA and PLGA? Let OMNISEC help!

Polylactic acid (PLA) and poly(lactic-co-glycolic) acid have become increasingly popular due to their renewable and biodegradable nature.  As a result, these materials have found application in a variety of fields, including additive manufacturing, medical devices, and recyclable materials, among others....READ MORE >

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4 Nov 2020 | By Dr. Olga Narygina

Efficient iron sintering process control

In the following case study, we discuss the added value of X-Ray Diffraction forprocess control at a sinter plant.

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3 Nov 2020 | By Ragy Ragheb

Liposome-based drug products – Q&A

Particle characterization experts Dr. Maryam Hussain and Dr. Ragy Ragheb, answer your questions about the deformulation and characterization of liposome-based drug products.

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